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Have you heard about CMMC certification? If yes, that’s great. If no, read along. There is always some risk of data theft these days. A lot of crucial and private information is stored in the database of the companies. It is essential to have a cyber-strong security system.

CMMC makes sure that the data is protected in the right way with strong cybersecurity. Let’s learn some more about CMMC.

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What is CMMC?

CMMC is an international standard that is designed to protect the data and confidential information of the companies. It is a very recent regulation that is not yet fully in force. But, in the coming years, it would hold a very high significance and importance.

What is the main purpose of CMMC?

CMMC aims to provide cybersecurity to the industrial database (DIB) with over three thousand companies in its supply chain. There have been many losses and compromises of significant data and information from the systems of different companies. This is why CMMC came into force.

The CMMC framework

There are 5 levels of maturity in the CMMC framework. These levels showcase the reliability and effectiveness of the company’s cybersecurity systems and infrastructure in protecting the government, contractors, and stakeholders’ sensitive information.

The five maturity levels are: 

  • Basic Cyber Hygiene – Companies must perform the basic cyber hygiene practices. Also, they should be asking the employees to change the password after regular intervals to protect the FCI. 
  • Intermediate Cyber Hygiene – Companies must follow practices to protect Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). 
  • Good Cyber Hygiene – Companies must comply with the security requirements and standards to ensure good cyber hygiene.
  • Proactive – At this level, companies are expected to review the process and activities and inform the high-level management in case of any problems or issues. 
  • Advanced – It is the most advanced level. Organizations that reach this level can be trusted in handling sensitive information. 

Is CMMC certification worth it?

CMMC certification is more like an investment for your company. It reduces cybersecurity risks. With the implementation of the CMMC standard, there are least chances of data breaching. The CMMC certification acts as a verification that your company that the best cybersecurity practices are followed to ensure cyber hygiene. It acts as proof that the controlled unclassified information residing in the DoD’s network is well protected.

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Why should you come to us?

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