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When it comes to space, defense, or aerospace industry, quality must be the priority. AS9100 is the international standard that many companies of the aerospace industry stick to. The aerospace industry recognizes AS9100 to improve and provide good quality products and ensure a quick delivery.

Want to get AS9100 Certified? Contact IQC the ISO Pros of New Jersey. Here is a complete guide on AS9100 to get a better understanding of the standard.

AS9100-Certified-new jersey

What is the meaning of the AS9100 standard?

The AS9100 is a standard that is based on and associated with the ISO 9001 standard. It is basically a quality management standard but especially for the aviation, space, and defense industry. These industries are most often called the aerospace industry.

AS9100 has seven quality management principles that are needed to be followed by the certified organizations for the Quality Management System to work.

What is the purpose of the AS9100 standard?

It is designed specifically to meet the demands and requirements of the aerospace industry.  The standard puts stress on all those areas of a process that might affect the aerospace products’ quality, durability, or safety.

What are the benefits of AS9100 certification for your company?

If you are certified, your company’s work processes will be already be audited. Certification will make your customers know that your systems are already audited, and there is no need to do that again. AS9100 certification has tremendous benefits. Let’s discuss some of them below: –

  • AS9100 certification and implementation lead to an improvement in the internal processes of your organization. This increases the efficiency of the work.
  • It leads to the production of high-quality and reliable aerospace products.
  • AS9100 certification also increases the reputation of the company and helps in bringing more business.

Which companies can get AS9100 certified?

As you know, AS9100 is a standard meant for the aerospace industry. It is used by companies majorly dealing with the aviation, defense, and space industries. The companies include: –

  • Companies who manufacture the aircraft products
  • Companies that design and assemble the aerospace parts
  • Quality management companies that work with the companies in the aerospace industry.
  • All those companies are working regularly or irregularly with the aerospace industry.
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IQC the ISO Pros of New Jersey

If you have made your mind to get AS9100 certified, you’ve made the right decision. But choosing a company that will provide the finest quality of training is very tough.

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Our company has the most qualified trainers, auditors, and consultants. They will guide and train your employees about the implementation of the AS9100 and other ISO standards. Our auditors will analyze all the processes of your company to get a better understanding of your organization.

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